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Introducing: Mrs Melanie Woods

What a lovely welcome it has been to join the Penrith Christian School Community. I have been at school for the last couple of weeks and am really excited to welcome all the Junior School children and their families.


I would like to introduce me and my family. We have been living in Tasmania for the last 11 years and believed it was time to come back to NSW. My husband’s name is Michael and we have four children, Elora, Anais, Abigail and Elisha. 


As I start my adventure at PCS, I’m drawn to a sentence that graces the website. It says:

‘… a place of education where your child is genuinely loved and nurtured: safe and secure to revel in the challenge of lifelong learning!’


What a statement; and a way of achieving this is with partnership. As they say, ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ and we need the unique partnership of you, our parents and friends, to bring a common vision of creating lifelong learners who are greatly loved and who revel in the fact that they will become all that their Heavenly Father has called them to be. Our shared goal is to equip our children to navigate their world.  Our question to our children isn’t, what do you want to be but rather who do you want to be?


It is a privilege to teach in a Christian school environment, and along my educational learning journey I get to witness the delight and revelation that children gain when they understand the Story beneath all the stories in the grand narrative of the Bible.  So; the teachers and I invite you to partner with us as we assist you in the holistic education of your precious child(ren).


Please come and say hello; I look forward to a full, rich and fruitful 2018 celebrating the lives of the children at Penrith Christian School.


Mrs Melanie Woods

Head of Junior School

Year 6 2017 Celebrate!
Year 8 2017 - above State average in Science