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Introducing: Mr Steve Grice (Assistant Principal – Operations and Student Learning)

After serving for 17 years at Pacific Hills Christian School, moving to a new school was a slightly daunting prospect. However, after having now been at Penrith Christian School for the past two weeks, I have been overwhelmed at the way the community of PCS has made me feel so welcomed and any uncertainty about stepping into something new has been replaced with an excitement about what the future holds.


I have been involved with PCS for the past eight years as a parent, having two sons, Ethan in Year 7 and Oscar in Year 4. Also, my wife Michelle has worked closely with the School through her business in providing marketing services. During this time, we have been very pleased with the culture of PCS and believe that the staff at PCS care for students in a manner that extends beyond the classroom experience.


Personally, I value being part of a Christian community and being in partnership with parents in helping students develop into the people God intended them to be. This is a privileged position we have as teachers and one which is not taken for granted by the staff at PCS. Thank you for choosing to partner with us at PCS and I look forward to meeting more students and parents over the coming weeks.


Mr Steve Grice

Assistant Principal – Operations and Student Learning

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