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Introducing: Mr Martyn Ellis

I recently joined PCS at the beginning of this year in the TAS Department. Having come from William Clarke College Kellyville, a school of over 1500 students and 250 staff, I have experienced a very warm welcome from the smaller and more intimate PCS community.


I have also been enjoying the reduced travel time as a resident of the mid-Blue Mountains where I live with my wife and three daughters (aged 6, 4 and 2). We are expecting our fourth baby later this year and if it turns out to be a girl, I’ll get a male dog to console myself!


This is the part where I tell you I enjoy rock climbing, snowboarding, skydiving and just chilling at home with a cup of tea.  But anyone who has ever had three or more young children will spot that for a lie. I don’t do any of those things, life is far too crazy. Our home is hectic and noisy. It is filled with singing, crying, laughing, shouting, running, playing, screaming, dancing, and more singing (probably the theme song from ‘Frozen’). I don’t ‘chill’ and looking after three girls when my wife goes out is as close as I ever get to extreme sports.


It wasn’t always this way. I do possess memories of life before children, although they seem distant now.


I completed a Bachelor of Computing at Western Sydney University after high school. I then  went on mission for a year in Western Australia and upon returning home, God placed a desire on my heart to work as a full-time youth minister. From 2006 to 2014, I worked for various different churches, schools and organisations always with the goal of helping young people discover Jesus. It was a rewarding and exciting period of my life and one I am very grateful for.


In 2012 when our first daughter was 6 months old, I decided it would be a great idea to go back to university and do a Bachelor of Teaching, by correspondence, while still working full time. I think I must have been sleep deprived because my second experience at uni was completely different to my first as I struggled to balance study, full time work and fatherhood. Studying via correspondence is just like studying on campus, but without all the fun parts. No campus life, no social outings, no sport, just assignments, essays and readings..so many readings!


Suffice it to say I did complete my degree and although I can’t say I loved studying via correspondence, I do love being a teacher! I find I am able to combine my love of working with young people, my experience of spreading the gospel and my passion for technology all while getting paid. It’s a pretty sweet deal!


Martyn Ellis

TAS Teacher


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