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Introducing Jonathan Howe

Well, six weeks completed of Term 1 and I am slowly feeling like I am not drowning and getting used to how the school functions. I have enjoyed getting to know the PCS community here and looking forward to the year ahead. I have noticed the kind nature of the teachers here and everyone I have talked with has asked at some stage how I am settling in.


What is my story without writing a book you may ask? Born in Manly to a Congregational Minister and his wife, Clive and Helen Howe, who brought me up to know Jesus as my Lord and Saviour, along with my siblings Diana and Ross; very blessed indeed. Mum and Dad went to Sydney Missionary Bible College and started their ministry at Busby West in the 1980s, a housing commission area near Liverpool. Mum and Dad put their hand up to go there after college because no one else in the college wanted to work there.


We ended up in Campbelltown and I started an apprenticeship as Fitter and Machinist, moved into Height Safety Systems, and then went to University to become a teacher. During that time, I spent close to 10 years working as a youth leader in Claymore, a housing commission area in Campbelltown. We ran a successful team ministry there serving young teenagers through fellowship, Bible study and lots of food. I didn't know Mum and Dad volunteered to work at Busby West until many years after I started at Claymore; apple doesn’t fall too far I guess!


I married a girl, Amelia Legge, who was a PCS student for a time; however she spent most of her time during school riding Dressage for our country, and I won’t start writing about her because I will not stop! We met at Thomas Hassall Anglican College and after a few years we were inseparable with phone conversations lasting up to five hours on a regular basis. This became way too expensive as mobile phone plans were not as they are today and we obviously married, woo hoo! Now we have Malachi - 4, Esther - 2 and Ezekiel - 4 months, and maybe one more...God has been very good to us.


We live in the mountains and you will probably recognise our house with the unfinished fence posts out the front. Conversations with teachers from my previous school will always start with, ‘have you finished the fence yet’ and my response is, no we built a deck instead or the carport is next...


I started teaching at Thomas Hassall Anglican College 10 years ago as a TAS teacher teaching Design and Technology, Timber, Engineering Studies, Information Software Technology and being a Year Advisor for a cohort. I really enjoyed my time there and learned many things working in an Anglican College. I had 120 Year 12 students graduate in 2019 and produced the best results for the college in its short 20 year history. I miss them greatly.


However, God has brought us into the PCS community now and I have already noticed the differences in the school. PCS have created a caring and nurturing Christian environment which is rare for a school community, and you can see the care our community has for the students’ whole person, not just academics or just well being by themselves, but looking at the student as an individual person created, saved and loved by God. I am slowly getting used to the school ministry which I have not been a part of for a long time, and a large part of why I made the move to PCS; to remember the reason we were created for, to have fellowship with Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, and to point others to this truth.


Thank you to everyone who has made me feel welcome and especially the TAS staff who have answered a thousand questions and listened to me saying ‘well at Thomas Hassall we used to do this, why do you guys do that?’ Looking forward to what God has for the year ahead and into the future working together to make His Name known, and not just heard.


‘But these are written so that you may continue to believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing in him you will have life by the power of his name’ – John 20:31.


God bless


Jonathan Howe

TAS Teacher, Year 11 Wellbeing Mentor


Year 11 Seminar Week
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