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iCentre News - Feb 2018

The iCentre’s focus is to assist students and staff with their information and technology needs, as well as provide wonderful books for their reading enjoyment. We have already met Middle and Senior School students as they borrow their textbooks for the year and Junior School classes have begun this week.


Students from Prep to Year 6 all require a library bag for borrowing. If you have misplaced yours then we have them for sale for $10.00. All new students will receive their library bag in their first borrowing lesson. Please ensure your child has their library bag this week as they are very disappointed when they are unable to borrow.


We really appreciate all our Mums, Dads and even Grandmas who have helped us out in the iCentre by either covering books, re-shelving or other library tasks. If you are interested in helping out in the iCentre or taking some books home to cover, and would like to contribute to your PIP hours, we would really love your help! Please contact us in the iCentre if you are interested or have any questions.


Book Club Leaflet

The iCentre runs the Scholastic Book Club each term through the iCentre. The children love Book Club and the School benefits from all purchases. Leaflets are distributed through the iCentre and class teachers.


All orders are to be sent back to the iCentre, money included. Please mark the envelope ‘Scholastic Book Club’. Please note: credit card payments can be made online – you only need to fill in ONE receipt number for ALL of your order. There is a wide selection of books available and the School has no say as to what is included.


Please read the brochures carefully to ensure that the books your children are hoping to buy are books that you would want them to read. It goes without saying that you will need to choose carefully to avoid any disappointments. Scholastic will, however, refund for any unsuitable books.


Issue 1 of Book Club will be distributed next week.


We look forward to a great 2018 in the iCentre.


Mr Danial Ollis

iCentre Manager

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