ICAS Science Competition Awards 2018

In Term 2, students were selected from Year 2 to Year 11 to take part in the ICAS Science competition.


Congratulations to all students who invested time and effort into the competition.


Below is the list of students who achieved outstanding results:


Year 2 – Simeon Gee


Year 2 – Cameron Wild, Sienna Cook
Year 3 – Oliana Danyal, Caleb Brooks, Ethan Scott
Year 5 – Ethan Bennett
Year 8 – Theodore Seliman, Mark Westcott, Jessica Harrison
Year 10 – Anthony Carbone
Year 11 – Samuel Morley


Year 2 – Faith Green, Luca Rositano
Year 3 – Alicia Weir
Year 4 – Caleb Baines, Adam Marczak
Year 5 – Jeremiah De Martin, Megan Garratt, Laura Whitehouse, Kai Dyrka, Benjamin Scholfield
Year 6 – Zoe Gee, Cameron Armstrong, Levi Green, Ryan Burke
Year 8 – Sean Dunn, Harrison Green, Kiahna Kraus, Josiah Gee
Year 9 – Brock Stinson, Ben Armstrong, Ellen Margetts, Imogen Rogers, Henry Beard, Paige
Foley, Isaac Velayo
Year 10 – Aidan Grigg, Thomas Tyrrell, Sophie Dunsire, Ebony Carlson, Dominic Nitsos, Sally O’Brien


Year 2 – Emmanuel Perry
Year 5 – Faith Martinez
Year 7 – Alexander Huxley
Year 8 – Elizabeth Weeks
Year 10 – Kerryn Morley, Abbey Lindeback, Madeleine Sultana
Year 11 - Zoe Green


Mrs Brady

Extension and Enrichment (Boost) Teacher


Book of the Year Winners Announced
Year 2 at Warragamba Dam