HSIE Happenings

Human Society in Its Environment (HSIE) is the study of Geography and History, along with other disciplines of Social Science in Years 10, 11 and 12, such as Commerce, Business Studies, Legal Studies, Studies of Religion, and Society and Culture. In Years 7-10, it is mandatory for students to study these courses. We are grateful for the opportunity to engage students in their HSIE classes as it is a wonderful opportunity, alongside learning content, to challenge them to think about what shapes society and to consider many facets of ethics.


Year 7 is studying Geography in Term 1, the unit of work is called Landscapes and Landforms and students also begin to use mapping and other geographical skills as they study the geomorphic processes that shape our Earth. Years 8 - 10 are studying History in Term 1. 


The units of work are all designed to link together around a central theme, and for each unit, this theme has relevance to our lives and the factors that influence people. In Year 8, students are investigating Why an individual would commit an atrocity for an Ideology as they explore The Crusades during the context of Medieval Europe. In Year 9, students are investigating the Industrial Revolution as they seek to answer the question Disruptive Innovation – for the Betterment or Detriment of society? Finally, our Year 10 cohort are studying Australia in the Vietnam War Era, which also covers an exploration of the time between the end of World War II and the start of the Cold War, exploring What influences Conformity and Rebellion? The themes of conformity and rebellion are also being explored by Year 10 in their English unit as they conduct a film study of Dead Poets Society.


We are looking forward to incursions in the first week of March for Year 10, where Vin and Nancy Cosgrove of the St Mary’s Branch Vietnam Veterans Association will visit us. Also on the same week, Year 9 and our Modern History classes in Years 11 and 12 will be visited by World War Living History, ahead of Year 9 commencing later this term their study of Australians at War.


We are very pleased with how our students are settling into lessons so far this term and are looking forward to getting deep into our course materials once camps have concluded for Years 9 and 10, and Seminar Week for Years 11 and 12.




Sharon Hogan

Head of Learning and Teaching

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