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HSC Stronger Standards Review: Online NAPLAN Testing

One of the initiatives from NESA’s HSC Stronger Standards Review was the introduction of a minimum standard in Numeracy and Literacy achievement as a requirement for being awarded the HSC. The current Year 9 cohort will need to achieve a Band 8 in Reading, Writing and Numeracy to be awarded their HSC in 2020. 


In order to facilitate the achievement of the Band 8 (where this is not achieved in the Year 9 NAPLAN), there will be two opportunities a year to attempt an online test in the areas where individuals have not already achieved the Band 8.


In November we will have an opportunity to trial the new online system for NAPLAN testing. These tests will not be graded, but will provide students with an opportunity to experience the test, in an online situation, in preparation for next year when they will be able to sit the NAPLAN tests.


We are still in the planning stages of determining how to facilitate these tests, so we will provide more information about the test dates and administration early next year. 


For this year, it is important for those students who did not achieve the Band 8 to know that this is not the minimum standard for Year 9, but for the HSC. They will have time to study and develop their Literacy and Numeracy skills over the coming years and have the two opportunities a year to achieve the minimum standard.  Students do not need to achieve a Band 8 before they begin their HSC studies, and they may even complete their HSC year before achieving the minimum standard. If this is the case, students will continue to have opportunities to attempt the online NAPLAN tests for five (5) years after they complete their HSC. 


I have spoken with Year 9 students about the new NESA requirements and about how they will achieve the minimum standard over the course of the next few years. I have shown Year 9 the NESA video, explaining the process for them, and given the NESA-published handout providing the information students need about the way forward for their HSC.


You can CLICK HERE to access the Flyer


You can CLICK HERE to watch the video


Ms Corrine Robinson

Assistant Principal – Teaching and Learning

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