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Hidden gems discovered in Book Day ‘Found Poetry’

Book Day activities for Year 3 through to Year 8 this year included the opportunity for the students to have a go at 'Found Poetry'.


Found Poetry uses a page of text from any source, from which a poem is created by taking words and phrases and reframing them to impart a new meaning. Found Poetry allows anyone to discover and create meaningful poetry. A significant part of a piece of Found Poetry is the artwork that is also created as part of the work. Sometimes this is done through the blocking out of the unused words, or by the author integrating images and/or patterns to their page to create a visually and literary piece of art.


I had the pleasure of visiting a number of classes throughout Book Day and was thrilled to see the engagement of the students and the amazing poems that they were able to produce. Clink on the links below for a sample of the amazing creations on Book Day. Enjoy.


Danial Ollis
Teacher Librarian, iCentre Manager


Attenuated horns


By midnight

He gave a shriek

I am able to provoke martians

I was racing a lightning flash

I will call John

Lost meadows of Hampton

She ran watching the setting sun

Sitting up in bed

The disease was alive

Then a tornado

Watching this Titan advancing

Who wanted them before leaving


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