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Head Lice season!

It is Head Lice season - please be on the look-out. If you find that your child/ren have Head Lice please refer to the following information:


The following guidelines from the James Cook University will assist parent/s or guardian/s in the treatment and prevention of Head Lice.


Many Head Lice infestations cause no symptoms, and probably less than half cause itch, so you have to LOOK to find out if your child/children has Head Lice. Do not rely on itching and scratching.


An easy way to find climbers is to use the conditioner and nit comb technique:

  1. Apply conditioner to dry hair aiming to cover each hair from root to tip with a layer of conditioner.

  2. Detangle the hair using an ordinary comb.

  3. Immediately comb the hair with a fine tooth nit comb.

  4. Wipe the conditioner off the fine tooth comb onto a paper tissue and look for lice and eggs.

  5. Repeat the combing for every part of the head at least five times.

  6. Examine the comb for lice and eggs. If you find lice your child/children should be treated.

Head Lice live in the hair and come down to the scalp to feed by sucking blood. Head Lice formulations must therefore be applied to all parts of the hair. A complete regime consists of two treatments seven days apart, the first to kill the climbers, and the second to kill the juvenile lice hatched from the eggs over the intervening six days. No product currently available kills all eggs.


  1. Apply the product to all areas of the head and coat all hairs from roots to tips. Cover the child’s eyes while the treatment is being applied.

  2. If you are using lotions, apply the product to dry hair. For shampoos, wet the hair, but use the least amount of water possible.

  3. For long hair apply the treatment formulation near the scalp and then use an ordinary comb to carry the formulation down the hair shaft to the tip. If product is left on the comb after one sweep, it should be wiped onto the same or a new area of hair at the base and the process repeated. By repeating this process several times for hair all over the head, one can obtain an even coverage of all hairs from roots to tip. In addition the hair is tangle free and use of a fine tooth comb is subsequently simplified.

  4. Leave the preparation on the hair for at least 20 minutes.

  5. After 20 minutes, use a fine tooth comb to comb the hair, and after each sweep from roots to tip, wipe the combings onto a tissue.

  6. Repeat this many times until the whole head has been combed at least twice and little treatment formulation is visible on the hair.

  7. Re-treatment is imperative after seven days.

  8. If lice are found after re-treatment, repeat the process.

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