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Hand washing helps

As we come in to the winter season, and with current concerns about the COVID-19, we would like to keep you informed and seek your assistance in keeping our school community healthy in the coming months.


We wish to advise that it is permissible for students to be provided with personal use (size) Hand Sanitisers to carry with them should you wish to do so, please seek advice on which is best for your child/ren.  Hand washing with soap is the most effective way to control infection and the spread of disease.  Soap in our bathrooms is always provided and as an additional measure we have installed the attached poster with proper handwashing instructions.


Vigilant hand washing with soap and water is the preferred and most effective method of stopping the spread of germs in our school.  Effective hand sanitiser must contain at least 60% alcohol and due to safety reasons, this cannot be kept in classrooms in large containers.


Thank you for working with us in keeping our community safe.

Introducing Jonathan Howe
Boost for Middle School in 2020