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Growing Mathematics Team

I would like to introduce two new additions to Mathematics staff in 2019. This staffing is intended to provide support for students in our continued implementation of 21st Century Learning in Mathematics.


Mr David Badger is a NESA accredited and approved Teacher of Mathematics. He comes to PCS with a wealth of teaching and leadership experience both in Government and Christian Schools.


He has extensive experience in teaching all levels of Mathematics from Years 7 - 12. He has a strong understanding of the curriculum and what it takes for students to succeed at Mathematics. His passion is that all students enjoy Mathematics and have success for the effort they put into their learning.


Mr Badger will attend PCS the equivalent of two and a half days spread across four days. His role is to be the extra teacher in the classroom in Years 8 - 11 to assist students of all ability levels to master and excel in the content. He will work in collaboration with Maths Faculty Team Teachers to enhance results in Mathematics.


Mrs Ashleigh Ure is a NESA accredited Teacher of Mathematics and HSIE (a rare find). She comes to PCS with a strong knowledge and understanding of Mathematics. She has worked in both Government and Independent Schools.


Ashleigh has been appointed fulltime and will teach across the years and will be the extra teacher for Year 12 to assist students of all ability levels.


Year 7 students will be assisted by Mr Allan Wallace who is the Year 7 Wellbeing Mentor.


The other Mathematics teachers are Mr Damien Jenner, Mr Benson Ascott and Mrs Mary Shelley.


Please feel free to contact any of the teachers or myself with your queries, comments, concerns and feedback.


Mr Joemon Philip

Head of Informatic Pedagogy and Head of Mathematics

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