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Goodbye Rosie!

We all said goodbye to our Guide Dog, Rosie on Monday 26 February. It will be the last time we see her until graduation in a few months’ time.


Mackenzie Colbourn and Angelina Bounassif joined me, Elizabeth Weeks, to take Rosie to her induction ceremony. We had an hour’s drive to Richmond Guide Dog Centre where, when we arrived, two of her dog friends were already there and saying goodbye to their owners, and hello to their new friends and trainers.


Mr Pickworth met us there. When he came, he informed the staff that Rosie had Kennel Cough. Due to this Rosie was then sent back with us until she got better.


We took Rosie to Mr Pickworth’s place and then Mr Pickworth took us to his favourite café where he bought us chips and a drink. We all had a lovely time, even Rosie, and although she was sad to say goodbye she was excited for what lay ahead.


Unfortunately we will not hear from Rosie after she graduates, but it’s a wonderful feeling knowing we helped a blind or partially blind person. We are all so proud of Rosie and hope she makes it to become a fully trained guide dog.


On behalf of Mr Pickworth and the rest of the Puppy Pal leaders, Alexander Weeks, Mackenzie Colbourn, Angelina Bounassif and I, as well as the parents who have driven us from place to place, we would like to say thank you to all who have contributed to Rosie’s training.


By Elizabeth Weeks, Mackenzie Colbourn and Angelina Bounassif


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