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Fun learning for Year 3

Term 2 has been a whirlwind of learning and fun! The students built stamina and skill as they participated in NAPLAN preparation and testing. Upon reflection, some students said they enjoyed NAPLAN, while others were glad it was over. 


Many thrived while performing a song for Mother’s Day, finding new air guitar talents, and storytelling in music. 


History saw the students exploring their cultural backgrounds, and prompted them to be thankful for the many great things that others contribute to our community. What a blessing it was to have Nonno George come and tell them of his firsthand account of migrating from Italy to Australia. The homemade salami and olives were a real treat! 


Many PowerPoints, posters and speeches have been created and presented, as the students have consolidated and expressed their learning. They have enjoyed animations in Literacy and explored through a box of old things like ink pots and an old iron, imagining the people who would have used them and writing about them. 


A blue tongue lizard came to visit for the day and endured pats and staring, while Spot, our classroom fish was glad no one stroked him!


There is always something fun happening in our neck of the woods, and best of all is seeing the class supporting each other, praying for each other and praising together - so special. 


Samantha Dawkins and Skye Welsman

Year 3 Teachers


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