Fashion hive in Prep

Prep is always a hive of busy investigations but this week has seen the children turn into the next generation of fashion designers! This play began when children started using large pieces of fabric we keep in the classroom to make their own dresses, skirts and even designed draped chairs! This initial play sparked ideas of drawing our designs and then making them come to life. A dressmaker’s mannequin borrowed from Senior School became our muse as the children dressed it by draping, sticking, tying and sewing the fabric and ribbons into place.


This experience led children to create their own ‘clothes’ by tracing around their bodies onto the fabric and cutting their pieces out. We then used a combination of sewing with large needles, or securing with ribbon, before adding a splash of colour at the watercolour table.


‘I loved using adult scissors when we cut the fabric.’ – Vanessa


‘I didn’t even cut myself!’ – Aria


‘I am making my dress into a mermaid.’ – Olivia


‘I am going to be Elsa.’ - Isabella


This experience encouraged creativity, higher order thinking, problem solving, team work, as well as a plethora of fine motor and hand eye coordination skills. All skills that are imperative for life-long learning across a variety of different subject areas.


Mrs Belinda Dawkins

Prep School Teacher


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