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Exciting opportunity to partner with student learning in 2020

In 2020, the Science and HSIE faculties are planning a joint learning initiative for students in Year 9 exploring content around ecosystems, biomes and food production. To increase the relevance of this unit of work we are hoping to partner with individuals or organisations who are involved in the agricultural industry, particularly those with an interest in managing or increasing the productivity of the land.


If you are involved in, or have contacts in this field who might be able to speak with our students, be interviewed by our students or be open to students presenting work to them, then we would be most interested in discussing this opportunity with you.  The project will be running from late June to August next year. 


Please make contact with either Mrs Denise Bailey at Denise.Bailey@pcs.nsw.edu.au, or Mrs Sharon Hogan Sharon.Hogan@pcs.nsw.edu.au if this is an area in which you can assist.


We are excited about the learning that is to come for these students in 2020.


Denise Bailey
Head of Science

Sharon Hogan
Head of HSIE

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