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Excellent results for 2018 Year 8 Science VALID

The Validation of Assessment for Learning and Individual Development (VALID) program provides end-of-stage diagnostic assessments for the Science KLA. It is a state-wide NAPLAN style exam for Years 8 and 10 Science students. The Year 8 2018 results were delivered to the school during the Christmas holidays. The average results for PCS Year 8 Science students were well above state average in every section of the exam.


The highest level in the exam is Level 6 and the following students in our school obtained this level.


Knowledge and Understanding Section

Benjamin Jenner, Jessica Harrison, Kiahna Kraus, Josiah Gee, Ty Peksis, Theodore Seliman, Mark Westcott


Planning, Designing and Conducting Experiments Section

Harley Bounassif (100%), Jye Dickson (100%), Josiah Gee (100%), Harrison Green (100%), Benjamin Jenner (100%), Kiahna Kraus (100%), Keegan Smith (100%), Mark Westcott (100%)


Problem Solving and Communicating Section

Samuel Lapin, Kiahna Kraus, Sean Dunn, Jessica Harrison, Theodore Seliman


Extended Response Section

Chloe Miller, Elizabeth Weeks, Harrison Green, Jessica Harrison, Kiahna Kraus, Mark Westcott


Level 6 Overall

Jessica Harrison, Josiah Gee, Sean Dunn, Kiahna Kraus, Theodore Seliman, Mark Westcott


Congratulations to all Year 8 Science students and a special congratulations to Kiahna Kraus who achieved Level 6 in every section of the exam and came first in Year 8 Science 2018.

Mrs Denise Bailey
Head of Science

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