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Emily Dal Santo completes the Sydney Tower Eye Climb

On Saturday 14th October 2017 I represented my local Rural Fire Brigade (Orchard Hills) and climbed the Sydney Tower Eye in the hope of raising money for research to find a cure for Motor Neurone Disease. 


The task entailed climbing 1504 stairs (98 levels) in full gear - and an air tank weighing close to 20 kg. This indeed was no average challenge and pushed me out of my comfort zone, and tested me both physically and mentally. In saying this, this is nothing in comparison to what MND sufferers and their families go through on a daily basis. 


The whole idea of this challenge was born three years ago by NSW Fire Fighters honouring one of their good mates who had been diagnosed with MND. I had the absolute honour of meeting Adam Regal (and his wife Kylie) who was aged 30 when he was diagnosed. 


Adam’s story touched me and has inspired me to base my IRP (Independent Research Plan) for Community and Family Studies around MND and how it affects families. The more exposure we get for this cruel disease, and fundraise for Macquarie University, the quicker researchers can find a cure and beat MND! 


I raised a little over $2,000 on my own and climbed those stairs in 23 minutes, passing along a dedication on each level to people fighting this disease and some who are unfortunately not with us today. 

I was the youngest female climber there on the day, being 17 years old, and my promise to Adam is I will continue to climb that tower every year until we find a cure and beat MND forever! 


Emily Dal Santo

Year 11 Student


Congratulations Emily on this achievement!




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