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Early Intervention

In Education Support we often talk about Early Intervention being a key factor in supporting our children. It is often a long journey for families to firstly be informed that their child has special needs and then to delve into all the options available to support their child.


For any learning needs, we always suggest that the family take their child to have their hearing and vision tested. Once this is completed it may be suggested that the child goes for Speech, Behavioural Optometry and/or Occupational Therapy assessments, depending on the specific learning needs. These Allied Health services then work with the teachers and the family to support the child at school as well as possibly requesting further assessments to be completed by a Paediatrician and/or Psychologist, depending on the learning needs.


PLEASE CLICK HERE for a fact sheet about intervention for children who are on the Autism Spectrum, and possible interventions that families could expect on this journey.


Mrs Jenni De Villiers

Education Support Coordinator

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