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Dubbo Mission 2019

In the first week of Term 4, seven of us (Imogen, Paige, Abbey, Ebony, Ben, Kurt, and I) travelled to Dubbo and Brewarrina for five days, led by Mr Handley and Minna from ImagineNations church for a Missions outreach.


While we were there we helped out the communities by doing things such as: making dinner, running chapel, running youth group, spending the day with the youth on the weekend, and our own Imogen and Kurt helped out playing music at church and youth. We all had new and exciting experiences while we were there, and everyone really encouraged each other in faith and fellowship. Over the course of the trip we all really bonded and became closer than we thought we would ever be.


As a Christian, the trip was really helpful for me in faith, as it allowed me to experience what helping out other people with Christian related things is like and I was highly encouraged by the commitment and faith of the people in a community with so little. We experienced new things such as some parts of Aboriginal culture, I got to introduce everyone to this amazing drink sparkling honey, and we pretty much lived on the road for most of the trip. The community in Brewarrina was so welcoming and gave us a building that we could all stay in and spent a lot of time with us.


The Dubbo Christian School community was also amazingly kind to us, allowing us to stay in their school and making us breakfast in the morning. If anyone is thinking of doing a mission trip for school, I highly suggest that they do the Dubbo trip if it ever comes up again.


Elijah Jackson


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