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Congratulations Year 10 Science Students!

The Validation of Assessment for Learning and Individual Development (VALID) program provides end-of-stage diagnostic assessments for the Science KLA (Key Learning Area).


It is a state-wide NAPLAN style exam for Science. PCS Year 10 Science students, on average, scored 10% to 20% above state average for every aspect of Science in the exam.

  • Teagan Bowler achieved 100% for the Extended Response Section.

  • Abbey Lindeback, Jayden Pogmore, Noah Colbourn, Kerryn Morley and Sally O’Brien achieved 100% for the Designing, Planning and Conducting Investigations Section.  

  • Riley Faulkner achieved 100% for Problem Solving and Knowledge and Understanding Sections.


Sixteen of our students obtain a Level 6 (the highest level) for their overall result.  These students are:

Abbey Lindeback, Aiden Grigg, Anna Petherick, Anthony Carbone, Ashleigh Harrison, Dominic Nitsos, Ebony Carlson, Hannah Bartlett, Holly Rook, Josiah Todd, Lily Parry, Madeleine Sultana, Rachel Philip, Riley Faulkner, Sally O’Brien and Thomas Tyrell.


Congratulations to all of Year 10 on achieving these well-deserved and highly commendable results.


Mrs Denise Bailey

Head of Science

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