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Congratulations Year 10 Science

Last term, Year 10 Science students completed the Validation of Assessment for Learning and Individual Development (VALID) Exam. This is a state-wide exam with over 20,000 students participating.


PCS students scored well above state average and statistically similar school group (SSSG) average in every section of the exam. Band 6 is the highest Band and our Year 10 group has 54 students.


Highlights include:

  • 15 students obtained an overall Band 6.

  • 66 Band 6 results were obtained for individual sections. There are 4 sections in the exam.

  • 9 students obtained a Band 6 for every section in the exam.

  • PCS students scored 18.5% above state and 22.1% above SSSG for Band 6 results overall.

  • For the Extended Response section our students obtained 27% above state and 28.8% above SSSG for Band 6 results.

  • Every Year 10 student passed the exam.


Well done Year 10 on excellent results!


Following is a list of high achieving students:


Band 6 in at least one section of the exam:

  • Kyle Benadie

  • Zane Brady

  • Jaspa Cooper

  • Micayla Dillon

  • Tiernan Dunn

  • Sienna Edwards

  • Chelsea Parris

  • Chloe Stevens

  • Adelaide Telfer

  • Hayley Wadwell


Band 6 in multiple or all sections and a Band 6 overall:

  • Benjamin Armstrong

  • Hayden Barton

  • Henry Beard

  • Mitchell Cook

  • Ella Edwards

  • Paige Foley

  • Emma Frith

  • Adam Hillany

  • Caleb Kraus

  • Ellen Margetts

  • Kyla Martin

  • Thomas Nelson

  • Isaac Velayo


Same mark and joint first in the year for this Exam:

  • Imogen Rogers

  • Brock Stinson


Denise Bailey
Head of Science

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