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Class 5B Go Around the World

This term Year 5 are studying Global Connections in Literacy. To start our unit off we took a little journey to see where some everyday items are made. We had to look up the packaging and then draw a line from Australia to where each item had been made, then we discussed what information our findings gave us. Here are some things it got us thinking about:


‘We only had one item made in Australia.’

Amy-lee Prince


‘Nearly everything was made in the Northern Hemisphere.’

Caleb Gutierrez


‘Most things were made in China because it is so cheap there.’

Lachlan Wild


‘Nothing was made in Africa.’

Nicholas Nelson


We couldn’t believe how connected we are to the rest of the world, and we are looking forward to investigating this unit further as the term goes on!


Danielle Blight

Year 5 Teacher


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