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Cars for Show and Cars for Go 2019

During Terms 3 and 4, Year 8 students will be participating in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Solar Car Challenge, where students will design, construct and race their own solar cars.


STEM projects are designed to facilitate collaboration and integrated learning experiences between the Science, Technology and Mathematics faculties; providing students with rich learning experiences in developing knowledge and skills, and inspiring engagement in these learning areas.


We are in the process of organising our third Annual PCS Car Show to launch the Year 8 STEM Solar Car Project on Thursday 1 August 2019 from 1.30 pm.


We are seeking any members of the PCS community, or associated contacts, who would be willing to exhibit a car for our Annual PCS Car Show.


Categories of cars we are aiming to have on display are:

  • Vintage cars

  • Sports cars

  • Hybrid cars or alternate energy cars

  • Hot rods


If you can assist in making this an outstanding event with a vehicle from any of the above categories, please contact Rob Moor BY Tuesday 2 July 2019 at rob.moor@pcs.nsw.edu.au.


Please include the following details in your email to assist us in organising this event:


I will be available with my car from 1.00 pm (set up time) to 2.30 pm.


Contact Number:

Model of Vehicle:

Category of Vehicle:  
⬜ Vintage
⬜ Sports Car
⬜ Hybrid/Alternate Energy
⬜ Hot Rod

Your vehicle’s best feature or points of interest:


We look forward to working with you in making our third Annual PCS Car Show an outstanding event.

Mr Rob Moor

Head of TAS



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