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Canteen - Online or Traditional Orders?

Have you tried our Online Ordering System? While we do still take traditional 'paper bag' and walk-up orders, online ordering reduces common hassles associated with Canteen orders (particularly for Junior School orders). Take a look at our Comparison Chart for a few ways that Online Ordering can benefit you.


If you are placing 'traditional' orders, please be mindful of the following:

  • Ensure the child’s name and class are written on the order bag

  • Note that if using a zip lock bag, please put a slip of paper with the order in the bag. Texta on the bag sometimes smudges

  • If paying with loose change, please wrap up the money so it doesn’t slip out of the bag and get lost

  • Ensure that calculations (and payments) are correct so that the full order can be processed


HELPFUL HINT: The 600ml milk is in a carton (no lid) and may be too much for Kindergarten and Year 1 children. The 300 ml milk comes in a bottle and may be more suitable for your child.


NOTE: If you place an ONLINE ORDER and your child becomes sick, simply cancel the order online or telephone to let the Canteen know and the order can be withheld.


Thank you


Mrs Anne Matherson
Canteen Manager

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