Canteen Feb 2021 - updated menu

There is an updated menu for the PCS Canteen in 2021. Fortnightly Specials are also available - please check the Flexischools app to see what's available and to order. Don't forget that pre-ordering via Flexischools is the best way to ensure desired items are available - and importantly, most items on the updated menu are ONLY available via pre-order.


CLICK HERE for Canteen Menu - February 2021


Please note the following important information:

  • Some menu items have limited numbers available, or are ONLY available via pre-order, so ordering (via Flexischools) is recommended wherever possible.

  • There are two ways for students to order Recess and Lunch (Breakfast is Counter orders only):

    • PRE-ORDER via Flexischools (cut-off is 9.00 am, with a limited late order menu available until 10.00 am). No pre-ordering is available over the Counter.

    • COUNTER PURCHASES (Years 3 - 12 only). Note that not all items will be available over the Counter, so pre-ordering via Flexischools is recommended.

  • You don't need to wait until the day before (or morning of) to do a pre-order. The Flexischools app allows you to pre-order days and weeks in advance (which is a great way of ensuring you can order your child's favourite items before they run out!)

  • If you are new to Flexischools and have been having trouble ordering via the App, please CLICK HERE for detailed instructions.
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