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‘Bully-proofing Your World’ Feedback

Last Tuesday 27 February, PCS held the first of four Parent Seminars being run in 2018. Brett Murray from Make Bullying History presented his seminar, ‘Bully-proofing Your World’, to almost 100 parents and staff.


Brett’s presentation was both entertaining and very informative. He covered important issues such as defining bullying, identifying factors that cause bullying, the role parents play in preventing bullying behaviour in children, and also the science associated with adolescent brain development.


Brett is the founder of the Make Bullying History Foundation and has been involved in extensive research into the issue of bullying. Brett’s findings are the foundation for the information that he presented in his seminar.


As you will see below from the feedback collected, those who attended were very impressed and impacted, with many parents commenting that they wish even more parents could have been there to hear the messages that Brett Murray conveyed. Our upcoming seminars promise to be as equally impacting, and we encourage everyone to attend! CLICK HERE for upcoming seminar dates.


The feedback collected on the night was overwhelmingly positive:

  • 82% rated the seminar ‘Excellent’, 17% rated the seminar ‘Very Good’

  • 80% said the presenter (Brett Murray) was ‘Extremely engaging and relevant’, 20% said ‘Very engaging and relevant’

  • 78% said the information presented was ‘Extremely valuable – it was exactly what I needed’, 22% said it was ‘Somewhat valuable – I gained some new information’


Please also read below some specific feedback from attendees:

  • I thought it was a great seminar! I got a lot out of it and Brett was an awesome speaker! I really enjoyed it and would encourage everyone to go if he comes back next year. (Kellie Dal Santo)

  • Awesome presentation. As a dad it made me want to spend more time with my children as I was not fully aware how important my influence is.

  • Absolutely brilliant. I got A LOT out of it and I think it would be great if all our kids could sit through that. I really enjoyed that and will be implementing changes at my house!

  • What an inspiration Brett Murray is! I had the pleasure of hearing this engaging, entertaining, humble and most of all motivating character present this week. Brett, and the Make Bullying History Foundation, provided fascinating insights into this epidemic that is sweeping our young people, and provided parents, guardians and teachers with some tools and education to support and to hopefully prevent our children becoming one of these horrific statistics. Being part of this seminar has inspired me to spend more time with my children, be aware and look for the signs of bullying, and more importantly hopefully raise children that are resilient and self-confident enough to not be a statistic. (Katrina Wild)

  • Thank you PCS for allowing us the opportunity to hear Brett and I very much look forward to his next seminar! 

  • It was very useful and made me realise just how much my words and actions actually have an impact on my children. I will now be aware of my words and actions towards my kids. I wish more parents had attended this as it was full of useful information.

  • Enjoyed it very much, gained a lot of great insight and information.

  • Wonderful thank you. So much more than a ‘bullying’ seminar.


Earlier in the day, Brett presented to our Middle School students. Years 5 and 6 at the beginning of the day, and Years 7 and 8 after recess. Both seminars were exceptional, and students were very attentive and engaged. We will certainly endeavour to have Brett present again and are excited by our partnership with the Make Bullying History Foundation.


Mr Steve Grice

Assistant Principal – Operations and Student Learning


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Year 7 Information Night (2019 enrolments)