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Building Program begins: Student Drop-Off / Pick-Up Changes

We are about to commence construction of the New Junior School! This is exciting news. The final outcome (refer to the Site Plan) will be amazing, and construction involves significant changes and improvements to traffic flow arrangements, as well as the new building and surrounds.


The Site Plan shows the final arrangement so that you will get a picture of where we are heading. Ultimately, of course, we will have access through a new roundabout from Frogmore Road into the School property (not indicated on the Plan).


IN THE MEANTIME, we are introducing some TEMPORARY arrangements, which will be quite challenging – especially for the afternoon pick-up.


For your reference, please refer to the two plans which show how traffic will be managed:


We will have a number of staff out managing key ‘choke points’ around the car park and pick-up areas to ensure any issues are addressed as quickly as possible.

  • PLEASE BE CAREFUL when entering our car parks.

  • The SPEED LIMIT is 10 km per hour.


Once the building is underway, and the new Early Childhood Car Park and Access Road is completed (refer to Plan), we will have an alternative arrangement that will remove some of the issues regarding the access to Early Childhood and OSHC (Camp Australia).



The morning arrangements are essentially the same, except that access to Early Childhood and OSHC (Camp Australia) is via a narrow funnel in the middle of the builders’ compound.




PLEASE NOTE: EXPRESS PICK-UP is significantly different. 

Express Pick-Up Parents will:

  • Come through the First Entry Gate on Simeon RoadNOT the second (near the Church)

  • Drive down the First car park row

  • Queue down this row in the car park

  • At the exit point, flow around to the right (the reverse of Kiss and Drop) and

  • Queue around and along the front of the Church

  • Continue up and around, and out the property exit gate.


Parents Collecting Students (i.e. parking their car) will:

  • Come through the First Gate on Simeon Road – NOT the second (near the Church)

  • Drive down the Second car park row

  • Park your car in an available space

  • Walk down and cross at the manned Intersection Crossing

  • Continue past the School Canteen and head down the pathway on the right

  • Students can be collected from the paved area in front of the K-2 Classrooms (D Block)

  • Return to car and exit property via the exit gate.


Please be patient! Hopefully we can get through this transition period without too many frustrations. The end result will be a far greater benefit than the inconveniences we will suffer in the relative short term.


Thanking you in advance.


Yours faithfully


Bruce Nevill


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