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Breakfast with the Chaplain

Last Friday we held our first ever Chaplain’s Breakfast for all Junior School students and their families. The morning started off with many teachers in the staffroom cooking and preparing toast for the eager students. In all, we cooked roughly 300 pieces of toast. There were also 280 servings of fruit that included fresh apples, bananas and mandarins. It was so great to see minimal leftovers and many satisfied students and families alike.


Earlier in the year when Mrs Woods and I sat down to talk plans and vision for the year, we both shared equal excitement about the notion of hosting a school breakfast. The idea being that as food brings people together, we wanted to create a space where our Junior School students felt part of something bigger than themselves by eating a healthy and nutritious meal with their friends. Everyone knows that breakfast is such an important start to the day, yet as it is with routine and schedules, it tends to be the meal we eat in isolation. Our school breakfast provided an opportunity for students and families alike to enjoy a new experience by eating breakfast together and in turn create memories for the future.


Please enjoy looking back on some of these memories from a great morning.


Justin Corbett

School Chaplain


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