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Bounce Back - managing conflict

During one of the Bounce Back lessons that I was teaching this term we looked at managing conflict in relationships. This sounds like a pretty grown-up concept to be talking about to young children, yet it’s something that many of them negotiate at some time in the playground with their friends, or during group work in class.


One of the suggestions about what to do was:

  • Remember that your goal is to remain friends. This thought can put things in a different perspective. It could also alter the way we speak and behave.

  • Is winning an argument with a friend over a relatively minor thing worth losing a friendship? Our students are going to be together as a Year group for a significant part of their young lives.


This was a new concept for many of the children. I’m sure that most of them are focused just on today, rather than thinking about the future. As adults we often do the same. Some really helpful advice I got when my girls were only young children was to keep in mind what kind of adult I’d like them to be when they have grown up. This certainly affected some of the decisions I made as a parent, including where they went to school.


At Easter, we reflect on the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. Despite the enormity of what He had to do, He kept His focus on the future...a future when He would be in heaven and we would be able, through His sacrifice, to join Him there. As you spend time with your precious children in the holiday break, I encourage you to strengthen your relationships with them with the long term goal of a healthy, loving and supportive family.


Thank you parents for all you do with your children. They really are a delight to work with. 


Philippians 3:14 'I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.'


Kind Regards



Janice Roberts

Deputy Head of Junior School

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