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Boost/Enrichment - Term 1, 2018

During the year, students at PCS have the opportunity to explore and use their gifts and talents through the Boost program. The students are not only extended in English and Maths, but each term we focus on another curriculum area as well. 


In Term 1, the focus was Art!  The selected Boost Art students had a couple of lessons based around a particular theme, which was then explored further on our exciting excursion to Lewers Art Gallery. The focus for this rerm was 'Tactile Art' and all the students enjoyed learning this medium.  At the Art Gallery the students were encouraged to ‘Touch the Art’ rather than the usual ‘Don’t Touch’!  As well as exploring the exhibition, the students got to complete their own piece of tactile art based on one of the artworks in the exhibition. 


Lots of fun was had by all.


Mrs Kirsti Brady

Extension and Enrichment Teacher (BOOST)


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