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Boost Art

During Term 1, our Enrichment group focus was Art. We had some students from K-Year 4 involved in some special Art classes as well as  Art and Craft activities in the Junior School Library at lunchtimes. 


Our Year 1 and 2 Boost Art students explored the details we see in nature. We used a variety of different art materials to draw flowers in detail, and each student discovered which medium was their favourite. Watercolour pencils were a favourite but charcoal wasn’t!  We then used craft glue and chalk pastels to do an artwork of a flower, focusing on blending different colours together. 


The Years 3 and 4 group looked at perspective and went outside to think about and draw what things would look like to an ant, or a bird.  What would grass look like to a tiny ant? What would the top of a tree look like to a bird looking down? We then drew a city from the point of view of an ant looking up at the tall buildings.


In the Junior School library at lunchtimes, we cut, ripped, glued, tied, plaited and coloured in many things. We also had some students create lovely Poppy artworks for our ANZAC Day service.


This term, in Boost and the Library, it is all about Science and Technology! We have some great activities planned for both Boost and the Library. Stay tuned for some photos!


Mrs Kirsti Brady

Boost Extension and Enrichment (Boost) Teacher


PCS Alumni: Jake Meney
Kindy Investigators