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Book Day 2019 was SUPER!!

Last week, our annual Book Week reached its dramatic conclusion with Wednesday’s Book Day. Throughout the week leading up to the event, excitement was building as students completed colouring competitions, book displays and visited the Book Fair. When the big day arrived, we were greeted with students from all across the school in amazing costumes, all wearing smiles on their faces.


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This year saw the introduction of the Middle School book character parade, which followed on from the ever increasingly popular Junior School parade. Both parades were supplemented with witty repartee from the comperes as they interviewed a number of ‘characters’, as well as drama performances, quizzes and book-sharing activities.


PCS was once again blessed with three amazing authors who came and shared with our students. Each of our authors, Zanni Louise (Prep – Year 2), Mick Elliott (Year 3 – Year 8) and James Knight (Year 9 – Year 12), entertained and inspired our students and staff alike. Each were generous with their time, willingly meeting students, and signing books after their presentations.


This year’s theme ‘Reading is my Superpower’ certainly resonated with the PCS community. As a library staff, we love the idea that reading is regarded as something super. Mrs Garratt also reminded us all of the Godly truth that we should be ourselves, and that we are super because God has made us.


Book Day is our ‘Grand Final’ event. We, the iCentre staff, all look forward to it each year despite the incredible amount of work that goes into it. The main reason we love it is due to the amazing support that the PCS staff, students and the families give the day. Each of our visiting authors commented on what a great day they had, and that is due to the kindness and appreciation that they received.


With that I say thank you, and I look forward to Book Day 2020.


Danial Ollis

Teacher Librarian, iCentre Manger


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