Book Day 2018 – What a fantastic day!!

As the new librarian, I had no idea of how big Book Day really is at PCS. I had heard stories and seen past photos, so I had an inkling, but that was all. All I can say is WOW!! The enthusiasm that the whole PCS community put into Book Day was amazing. It made my job so much more rewarding knowing that the day was appreciated by so many.


We were treated to many wonderful book character costumes for the annual Book Parade. Our emcees Mrs Gabin and Mrs Garrett entertained the crowd with their witty repartee (how exactly does a pirate pronounce aaarrrgh!!?) and candid interviews with a number of the students. Mrs Brady’s Boost Group performance of ‘Bring a Duck’ was terrific and appreciated by all, including the author Lesley Gibbes, who was in the audience.


As a consequence of our school’s growing numbers, Years 5 and 6 participated in their own book character photo-shoot in the iCentre. Mr Benbrook’s photos told a wonderful story of the love that these students still have for dressing up. Great work!!


Years 7 and 8 Book Day activities were amazing. The effort and quality put into the Year 7 Book Expo displays, demonstrated the students’ wonderful engagement in the Refugees unit that they are studying in English. Year 8’s picture book writing activity produced a plethora of interesting and creative stories. Combining this with their talk from author Tim Harris, who knows, we might have some budding authors in our midst.


Years 9-11 were treated to an amazing talk from John Larkin whose books were leaping off the selves afterwards. Having heard some of John’s talk, I’m not surprised.


The Book Fair within the iCentre was a raging success. A wide selection of books and associated products were eagerly snapped up by our young readers, through the generous provisions of very patient parents, grandparents, and other family members. The iCentre itself looked a picture, thanks to the wonderful decorations created by each of the Junior School and Early Childhood classes.


Whilst all of these things (and others) were going on, it was such a blessing to see so many of our students’ family members visiting and participating in the day. I believe that these types of days are the ones that most children remember when they look back on in their schooling.


To all of our parents, thank you for your enthusiasm and participation in the day. To all of our students, a massive thank you!! I heard a number of comments from our visiting authors, all positive, about the behaviour of the students and the positive ways that they engaged in their presentations. To all of the staff, thank you for going above and beyond to make the day a success.


Book Day 2018 – What a fantastic day!!


Mr Danial Ollis

Teacher Librarian, iCentre Manager


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