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Big Heart for Missions

It recently came to my attention that two students in Year 3 have shown initiative, boldness, and a BIG heart for Missions.


Charlie Watson and Joanna Somanader have both separately decided to donate their hair to ‘Hair with Heart’, a charity organisation that donates wigs to kids who have lost their hair due to a medical condition or treatment. These two students reflect the multitudes at our school who have not forgotten their dear, brave friend Evie, and want to make a difference for other children battling illness. No matter your age, you can make an impact in our world when your focus is loving God and loving others.


My name is Joanna Somanader in 3W and I have been growing my hair for eight years. I love my long hair a lot, so does my family. My mum & I got this idea to donate my hair to a charity that helps children. I remember in prep I had a friend named Evie and she used to wear wigs. I was only 4 and I had no idea about her battle against cancer. I asked my mum why she wore wigs, she said sometimes when you have cancer treatments you can lose your hair. Couple of years ago Evie was taken away to live with God. But I still remember her in my heart.


Last week I decided to give away 36.5cm of my hair to a charity to be made into wigs for cancer kids. My dad suggested for me to raise some money along the way for the kids to make more of a difference, so we registered on a charity called ‘Hair with Heart’ and we started to raise money for the event. Initially I thought $400 would be enough, as it was lots of money, but my dad said $1000 is our target and I said it would be impossible. So, my dad said $2500 is new target, as if you double impossible then some, and when you achieve the goal it will be worth celebrating. To my amazement, in the end I donated eight plaits of 37cm to 49 cm long, and we raised together over $3000+ from 70+ generous people.  All I can say is big thank you to all and hope this helps many children in need, like my friend Evie. XoXo


Matthew 19:14 Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.


THANK YOU Charlie and Joanna for your BIG heart for Missions. May we all look for opportunities to shine like these two compassionate students from Year 3.


Belinda Garratt

Junior School Leader of Missions


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