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Beneath Our Feet - Year 4 Science

In Science this term, Year 4 have studied the unit ‘Beneath our Feet’.  We have been investigating how our world is constantly changing, whilst focusing on the process of weathering and erosion, and how it impacts our environment. The students also investigated the different properties of soil, examined various types of rocks, and discovered how our unique landforms are created over time. We have enjoyed collecting soil and rock samples from our homes, and around the school.


Working in collaborative learning teams, we used our samples to conduct different experiments, observing the changes that occur when they undergo the process of weathering and erosion. We even used a rock tumbling machine to polish rocks.


Below are some student reflections:

  • ‘I’ve liked science so far because of all the interesting experiments’. – Micah

  • ‘I loved science this term, learning about rocks and soil. I loved learning how rocks erode over time.’ – Nathan  

  • ‘My favourite part in science has been exploring the rocks and how they are formed, and looking at how soil breaks down.’ – Joehan

  • ‘The best part of science was when we got to look at our rock polishing machine and investigate our soil samples.’ – Saige

  • ‘In science, I have loved all the experiments we have done with our soil samples and rocks. But I’ve loved the rock polisher the best, and I can’t wait to see what we are going to do next!’ – Sienna

  • ‘In Science, I love doing experiments because we get to work with friends and see the results of the experiment.’ - Cameron

  • ‘My favourite part of the Science unit was the water erosion experiment. We used rocks and soil to make a landscape.’ -  Faith

  • ‘In Science, I learnt that some meteorites delivered gold to earth and I learned how God made earth out of asteroids.’  -  Zuri

  • ‘I loved doing our Science passports because I enjoyed learning about new things and doing research. I love the experiments because they are cool and exciting.’ -  Asha

  • ‘I enjoyed the erosion experiment because we’re learning features about something I’ve never learnt about before. I love learning about rocks because there’s lots of different types.’  -   Harper


This has been a fun and exciting unit refining our scientific investigation skills, and collaborative learning skills.  


Emily Parker (Year 4 Prac Teacher), Belinda Garratt and Lachlan Whale

Year 4 Teachers


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