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Art with Punch 2019 - a creative night!

‘Art with Punch’ is an exciting event that showcases Year 11 and Year 12 bodies of work, and was held this year on Thursday 21 November. Students help plan and curate this formal exhibition and are an integral part of the energy and dynamics of the evening. ‘Art with Punch’ is a celebration of the Year 12 students' hard work and a welcome to the emerging young artists of 2020.


Students created a diverse range of thrilling artworks ranging from wearable art, film, sculpture, embroidery, photography to printmaking. They created series and collections of pieces exploring their themes and concepts that strongly articulate their ideas within the postmodern, cultural, structural and subjective frames.


Students, families and friends had a fantastic time enjoying the artworks, canapés and community involved in this profoundly engaging and exciting occasion.


A big thank you to the amazing Susan Gorman for the delicious catering and wonderful hospitality; and also a big thank you to the fabulous Matthew Woods for organising the music and hosting the evening.


A creative and joyous night had by all!


Amal Siorokos

Visual Arts Teacher


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