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A visit to the Supreme Court & Parliament House

On Thursday 21 June, Year 11 and 12 Legal Studies and Economic classes visited both the NSW Supreme Court and the NSW Parliament House. 


In the Supreme Court, we each sat in on two cases. For me, the first case involved two lawyers debating whether or not a man would face a trial by jury or by judge. We were lucky enough to have the Judge of the case explain the details of the case to us throughout the proceedings.


The second case I sat in on was a significant case involving three large pharmaceutical companies and the Commonwealth Government. Though this case was highly confusing, and included a substantial amount of complex legal concepts, a barrister representing one the companies very generously took the time during the lunch adjournment to explain the case to us.


In Parliament House, we had the opportunity to meet Paul Green, a member of the Christian Democratic Party in the Legislative Council. We were also fortunate enough to be there on the day the Legislative Council passed an anti-slavery bill to stop the exploitation of vulnerable individuals in NSW. This bill also requires large companies in NSW to ensure they avoid sourcing products from companies involved with slavery.


The excursion increased everyone's understanding of Australia's legal process, both in the making and the enforcing of these laws.


Zoe Green

(Year 11)

Penrith Creative Academy
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