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A new day for students

A report by Year 6 student, Erica Loizou


At PCS, we have introduced this day called Superhero Day. Superhero Day is a day that kids can dress up as a Superhero that you like or admire. It is actually Friday 26 May 2017, but due to other school commitments, we held it on Monday 29 May. It was originally called Super Boss Day, but schools call it Superhero Day.


Most kids with a heart condition will end up having major heart surgery sometime in their life, so we are representing, that those kids are superheros for what they have been through. It is also trying to encourage students to focus about helping others, doing missions and going beyond.


At PCS, we do have some heart kids and families that know someone with a heart condition.


Heart kids Australia is the only charity for heart diseases. If you want to learn more about heart kids go to or call 1800 432 785.


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