A Day in the Life of Year 7

As Term 1 settles down into a rhythm for our Year 7 students, and they cross the bridge between new school routines, teachers and classrooms to reach a place of familiarity: we walk with them for a day ...


The blinds are drawn down and the challenge set for students to illustrate a field sketch of the view from the window - purely from memory! As students grapple with recalling memories and are challenged with proportions and perspectives, the activity is landed through a discussion on what the purpose of field sketches are and how to best complete them. The days of sunshine have given way to the cool rains today. This has meant that the planned field trip to the school grounds so students can immerse themselves into the environment to complete a follow up field sketch has been postponed to a later lesson.


As students shifted into poetry techniques, they identified and applied personification found in the world around them. From Disney movies to M&M’s coming to life, the world of innate objects started to breathe, move, and take on character.


Students then reflected upon a poem entitled ‘The Fog’: ‘The poet used personification in the line ‘A blind man hunting the moon’ to emphasise the fog spreading cluelessly everywhere, and also being grey like the moon.’ by Grace


Once morning tea filled tummies, and fresh air rejuvenated the mind, students were released to stretch their muscles through some warm-up games before taking on the challenge of completing a double-based thigh stand in their unit on cheerleading. Never have the realities of trust and teamwork been practically applicable to an activity, yet the students excelled at learning to play a part in achieving a particular result.


Extending the focus developed in PE, other students reflect on perspective in Visual Arts as they returned to inate objects through the lens of still life artworks. Learning to examine the light and shadowing, silhouettes and proportions, students penned how they viewed the objects. Each one different, unique and personal - just like us as people.


A truly valuable concept to learn; that each one of us comes to each day from a different perspective, with different skills and gifting. As students continue throughout their day, each has an activity to stretch them, a time to shine, and a moment to ponder the world around them.


Alisa Hayden

Head of TAS, Director of Learning & Curriculum 7-9



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