A day in the life of Year 12

My Thursday did not begin like it normally does last week. In fact, it began with an 8.00 am Extension 1 Mathematics class, as I became a Year 12 student for the day. I sat with four students and Mr Jenner, who were all using a foreign language that was ‘Advanced Calculus’; far more advanced than my basic understanding. The students seemed to enjoy solving problems that left my head reeling, and their workbooks were just as mind blowing and confusing to me.


I followed three of them to double Chemistry, where the class were designing their own experiments through a depth study on Acids and Bases. They became Scientists in the classroom as they worked through their chosen hypotheses, recording results as they went.


I left the Scientists with their coats and goggles on and visited the Community and Family Studies class. They have been working on an Independent Research Project since last term, and were looking at Abstracts from past projects as models for their final paper. The topics they had chosen, such as the effect of divorce on young people, verbal abuse, and the effect of Social Media on body image sounded fascinating as they worked through some of the issues they encountered. 


To finish these double learning lessons, Software Design and Development was my next destination. Students were presenting to the class their ideas on coding a game for their major projects. Each student had come up with three ideas, giving reasons for their ideas, as well as positives, negatives, and what they found interesting. We then found out which game they had chosen to develop. I can’t wait to see them all working, especially Alex Weeks’ retro ‘Donkey Kong’ style game, which brought back memories of the 80s.


After recess, it was Advanced Maths and differential calculus. This time however, Mr Jenner actually ‘differentiated’ for me and gave me a simple lesson on the side, which filled some gaps in my learning. I felt that I might feel more at home in Standard Maths as it is more practical to everyday life and sure enough, I managed to calculate the interest on credit cards, which is something everyone needs to be aware of!


Whilst Advanced English were comparing Shakespeare’s ‘King Richard’ with a film ‘Looking for Richard’, Standard English was analysing song lyrics from the movie ‘One Night The Moon’, based on a true story from outback Australia. I felt very comfortable with the musical aspects of this lesson, and went home to watch the movie after being invited back to help them analyse the musical techniques.


After lunch I went to Business Studies where they were analysing different marketing approaches starting with some retrieval activities, and went on to fill out detailed tables, using real world examples of marketing.


Meanwhile, Biology students were working on individual research about genetic change.  Whilst I knew a little about Cystic Fibrosis and cloning, I had never heard of Tay Sachs Disease or Fragile X Syndrome. 


Society and Culture were beginning their journey into Personal Interest Projects, researching topics such as chivalry, and what makes people give to charity.


Back in my world, the Music class was working on their performances where they were really pushing the limits with their choices, such as using the inside of a piano and looping technology to create layers within a popular song.


What a wonderful experience! I learnt so much from following the students for the day and witnessing their passions through their individual research in so many classes. I look forward to seeing finished projects, performances and games.




Lyn Jagger

Director of Learning & Curriculum 10-12


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