A day in the life of Year 10

Last week I resumed my life as a student to discover what a day is like for a Year 10 student. Learning Session 1 began with PDHPE, and the students were designing warm up activities for cultural sports they had chosen in small groups. I had never heard of the Asian games ‘Kabaddi’ and ‘Sepak Takraw’, so my learning journey had begun.


When I entered Mrs Billingham’s History class I was made to feel welcome as if I was a new student, and invited by Brock Fanning to sit with his group. We analysed primary sources from Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War as a part of the assessment task they were beginning. The theme was ‘Conformity and Rebellion’. I had to confess that I was alive when this war was happening, which made me feel very old as a primary source myself!


In Mathematics, the students were working on Scatter Graphs and I am pleased to report that they taught me about the properties of these graphs. I learnt about correlations, variables, trends and outliers.


In Science, new information was programmed into me by the students as they conducted experiments on chemical reactions. Exothermic and endothermic reactions were explained, as I felt test tubes that had heated up or cooled down after elements were combined. Apparently the class will be designing their own experiment to extract sugar from fizzy drink … but will it be drinkable? 


English classes begin with 'Do Now', an activity to stimulate students when they first come into class. I had to comment on a quote from a poem by Walt Whitman that was quoted in Dead Poets Society by Robin Williams’ character, John Keating: 'That the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be?', and make up my life verse. Very thought provoking.


Year 10 are also currently studying the movie 'Dead Poet’s Society', and I once again heard the term 'Conformity and Rebellion'. A bit of cross curriculum work happening! I also felt the emotions as I watched a powerful scene from the movie, and listened to a discussion about the dramatic film techniques used to convey ideas.


I missed the elective classes on the day I visited, so I popped in to Timber where they are making a jewellery box this term and I learnt about Domino joints. Art students are studying Surrealism, learning about the subconscious mind, through an artwork called 'Dreams and Nightmares', and Drama are working on Monologues they have chosen from plays, looking at the script and the context. I invited myself back to these three electives to see the finished products!


Lyn Jagger

Director of  Learning & Curriculum 10-12



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