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A busy start to 2018 for Year 3!

A lot has happened in the first six weeks of school! Our students have settled into classroom routines and friendships. We enjoy worshipping God together in the mornings, learning the books of the Bible and discussing how God’s Word is relevant to our lives. 


In Literacy, we have been focusing on Aboriginal Dreamtime stories, where the students have participated in various group activities including presenting a news report, role play and PowerPoint presentations. Students have identified the elements of a narrative and have applied this to their own writing of Dreamtime stories. This all ties in beautifully with our MIGW topic, 'Community and Change', where we have been studying the Aboriginal people who lived in our local area!


Students have been enjoying reading with our new librarian, Mr Ollis and visiting the Music bus.


In Maths, students have been applying their whole number skills to problem solving, and can represent whole numbers in a variety of ways. We have also learnt about using coordinates to locate exact points on a map and have identified the need for a standard unit in Mass, focusing specifically on kilograms.


Living and Non-Living things has been a fun topic in Science, where we are learning the way scientists classify animal groups. We have some mice living in a tank in our room so that we can observe mammals!


Year 3 are very creative and love adding their own details to their artwork.


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