2021 – New beginnings for K-2

Week 1 was a busy week for K-2 students. So much to learn with new drop off and pick up routines, new bell times, and a new playground! The children amazed me with their ability to adapt and embrace the changes. Naturally for some, this was more daunting than for others but parents, they did you proud.


Our new bell times mean that recess is a little earlier (10.15 am) which is good timing for young children who are ready for a break and a snack. They are enjoying exploring our play areas and making new friends as you can see in the photos.


It was a hot week, but some classes were able have fun in the adventure playground. Some of the children realised that they had grown a little since last year and were keen to have a go at the monkey bars for the first time. Their bravery always amazes me.


We welcome our Kindergarten children. They are already finding their place in our community and we are enjoying getting to know them. Their joy and zest for life is contagious! If only we could bottle their energy.


Thank you parents for entrusting us with the care and education of your children. We are praying that 2021 is a great year for them all.  


Kind Regards

Janice Roberts
Director of Learning & Curriculum K-2


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