General School News

Year 12 2017 celebrates success at brunch

Staff and students were treated to a beautiful and exciting breakfast to celebrate the successes achieved in this year’s HSC. This is a first ever this type of student reunion in PCS history.


The occasion was a success in itself and what definitely will be a tradition that is to be continued for years to come.

“It is nice to be here and to meet up with all these guys after the exams as most of us are working or holidaying. I am enjoying it”, a student remarked.


Principal Mr. Bruce Nevill congratulated the students on their efforts and successful completion of year 12. He prayed for them and wished them well having put the HSC behind them and a bright future in front of them.


We look forward to next year’s year 12 Results Celebration Brunch and many more opportunities to reconnect as a Christian family with our alumnae students.


Jessica Smith - Pacific Games Softball Champion!

Jessica Smith (Year 6) was chosen to compete in the NSW Primary Girls Softball team for the Pacific Games in Adelaide last week. We are pleased to announce that Jessica's team won gold!


They went through the whole tournament undefeated and were crowned Pacific School Games Gold Medal winners and National champions. Jessica had a great tournament, pitching and hitting a home run against Queensland.


Jessica's family added their thanks to PCS for the support in helping her to get there.


Well done Jessica!


Carnivorous Plant Bog Garden

The Year 8, DT1 class has been working on a garden this term, but not just any garden! It’s an exotic bog garden, believe it or not.


It’s located in front of the Middle School staffroom and has several different types of carnivorous plants in it, such as Venus Flytraps, Sundews, Sun Pitchers and others. The class worked hard on the garden and is proud to present it to the school.


None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for PCS parent, Mr Colbourn, with his generosity to giving us the base for the bog garden, the soil and especially the carnivorous plants.


Please come by and enjoy it with us. Merry Christmas.


Max Kroon

Year 8


Year 1 Bicentennial Park Excursion

Year 1 had the opportunity to visit Bicentennial Park in Homebush Bay as part of our Year 1 Geography Unit. 


The students participated in a number of workshops which focused on some of the features of the Park.  The students met two of the animals that are quite common in the area and enjoyed learning about the blue tongue lizard and the long neck turtle.


One workshop involved the students walking through the mangroves on the boardwalk.  The children learnt that mangroves are the only plant that can survive in salt water because the roots filter out the salt and only allow the water through.  The children examined mangrove snails and were able to see a number of mangrove plants in various stages of development.


The children also had the opportunity to explore a dry forest.  They worked collaboratively to collect a variety of different items and were able to share what they found with the class afterwards.  One class even found a blue tongue lizard.


The final workshop allowed students to examine some water samples from a freshwater pond.  The children sorted the creatures into different categories and were able to use magnifying glasses to assist with identifying them.  The children learnt that a pond’s health can be measured by the number of creatures that are living in it.


Both Year 1 classes and the teachers would like to say a massive thank you to the parents who assisted on the excursion.  What a great learning experience!!


Mrs Ruth Phillips and Mr Stephen Huxley

Year 1 Teachers


Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is - thank you!!

Thank you so much for your support for PYMWYMI! The kids who performed on the night were wonderful. It was a great celebration of our students and we raised $2200 for kids in Bali.


So many attended; it was a great night!


Mr Mark Gee

Director of Missions