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Students Return to School Monday 25 May

Dear Parents and Caregivers


I hope you are all going well navigating the many changed situations to life we have all found ourselves in.


As you know, last week we sent communication with a plan outlined for the remaining students to return to School. This morning there was an official announcement from the NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, that all NSW State schools would be returning all of their remaining students next Monday, 25 May.


This morning, our School Leadership Team met to discuss our position in response to this announcement, and we have made the decision to also take this action and invite all students to come back to School from next Monday, 25 May, for onsite face to face learning.


This will end the delivery of remote online learning. If, for any reason, your child will not be returning next Monday, please contact both the relevant Head of School and Reception to inform us; including your reason.


The past three weeks have given us an opportunity to evaluate and review how we have managed the return of certain cohorts and we believe this has been very successful. With the extra measures of cleaning in classrooms and toilets daily (which will continue), communication to our Staff and Students about being aware of and practising social distancing, and modifying some aspects of our day, we believe we have provided as safe an environment as possible and that learning has been optimum in both the remote and onsite learning environments.



  • As per the Premier’s announcement, and also as we have already had in place, no parents will be permitted on the School grounds. This is a safety measure.

  • We have been conducting temperature checks every day for everyone coming onsite. However, with the increased numbers, we will not be able to continue this measure.

  • The message still remains clear for all Staff and Students – if feeling unwell at all, PLEASE do not come to school.

  • While bubblers will be in operation, we are strongly encouraging ALL students to bring their own water bottle daily and not to share any food or drink with others. The bubblers will be hygienically cleaned at regular intervals through the day.



As yet, our school buses have not reached capacity, but we acknowledge that the numbers will of course increase from next week with the return of more students. However, as Minister Constance announced yesterday, school buses are exempt from restricted numbers. We will still be providing a more thorough clean of our PCS buses daily.


The other issue that we envisage with the return of more students is the traffic congestion both in the mornings and afternoons. As you know, the roadworks have also added to the time taken to actually access the property and unfortunately, the Northern Road end of Frogmore Road is expected to remain closed for all of next week. Please allow extra travel time for this closure and the potential for congestion coming into Simeon Rd. I want to thank you all for your patience and understanding during this time. We understand that it can be a slow process, particularly in the afternoon express pick up, with so many parents in the one place at the same time. We have been endeavouring to ensure that the system operates as quickly as possible.


A few things to keep in mind when dropping off and/or picking up students:


No parents should be meeting students at the School gate. All students are required to enter the parent’s car at Express Pick Up, or meet parents in the top car park.


At Morning Kiss and Drop Off

  1. Please enter and exit via the main (2nd) driveway.

  2. Please allow our staff to assist your child in exiting your car, so that you do not have to exit your vehicle.


At Afternoon Express Pick up

  1. Please enter at top (1st) driveway (closest to Frogmore Road) and exit via main (2nd) driveway.

  2. Please drive your car all the way to the Church Reception doors to enable more cars to fit in the Express Pick up area.

  3. Our staff will help students into the car so that you do not have to exit your vehicle.

  4. It is better to arrive later (after 2.40 pm) than earlier.



As you will also know, we have not had a canteen operating since the last weeks of Term 1 and as yet, our new canteen service has not begun operation.  We are negotiating to start the service as soon as possible and will communicate when this will be when we have confirmation.



Normally in July, the third week of the break is a Staff Professional Development week. However, with all the disruption with learning that has already happened this year, we are now going to only have two days of Staff PD and will be bringing all students back on Wednesday 22 July to begin Term 3. We want to maximise the amount of face to face learning and believe these added days will help our students.



We have been very excited to see our Kindergarten classes begin their learning in the new building this week. From Monday, Year 2 will also begin their lessons in the new building. However, the routine will remain the same in the mornings, with play and time before school in the existing Junior School quadrangle.



Unfortunately, all extra activities such as excursions and camps will not go ahead until further notice. Although we are not in a position to be able to hold large gatherings such as full chapels or assemblies, we will be adjusting these events to try to still incorporate some form of these activities as we believe these are vital to our students’ overall wellbeing and care.


If more information comes to our attention from various authorities we will communicate how this will affect the daily operation of our School.


As vital and valued members of our PCS community, I want to extend my sincere gratitude to you for your support, patience and prayers. As a Staff, we have held on to the evident and powerful faithfulness and leading of God and believe that through this disruption and change, fruit will become apparent in ways we could never have imagined.


Yours in Christ


Tracey Deal


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