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Parent Update - 8 May

Dear Parents and Caregivers


I hope you are all doing well in this season of constant change. Firstly, let me thank you for your support, feedback and encouragement to us as a Staff as we have begun a new term and still navigate so much that is not ‘normal’ in our delivery of education. Thank you for the feedback you have given us through the survey sent out this week. It helps us to know how our community is going and what we might need to take into consideration.


As you know, we have chosen to bring Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 12 back on Monday to full time face to face teaching onsite. Instead of offering for each student a one day per week alternative, as suggested by the State Government, we believe it will be a more valuable experience to offer the full time face to face. We understand that this may make it difficult for those students who are still waiting to return to face to face learning but believe this gives us the opportunity to evaluate and review how things are going next week and then make our definite plan for which Year groups will return next and when.


We will continue to be advised by the Australian Health Protection Principle Committee (AHPPC) and State and Federal government decisions. As you know, they are also making and revising their plans to ease restrictions and reopen services and retail based on how things go initially and we will do the same.


As always, our School remains open and will cater for children of parents who are unable to provide the support and supervision for learning at home on any day.


Please note all entry onsite for Staff and Students is via the main Reception where everyone will be temperature checked daily.



  • We continue to engage our cleaners to do extra cleans of all rooms daily. As well as this, our Maintenance Staff are rostered to disinfect surfaces such as railings, door handles, bathrooms and other common areas an extra 2-3 times per day. Bubblers will be switched off, so please make sure your child brings their drink bottle filled each day.



  • Buses will resume normal service with the coaches from Monday. Busways already have their normal service running.

  • Please note the drop off and pick up arrangements will continue as they are now. Parents will not be allowed onsite and we appreciate your cooperation with this.

  • Please also be mindful that Frogmore Road (from the Northern Road) remains closed and the alternative route via Kingswood Road remains the detour to the School.



  • Kinder, Year 1 and Year 12 will be in their classes with their normal teacher having face to face learning. All Kinder, Year 1 and Year 12 students not onsite will have contact at some time from their teacher but will not have lessons delivered online.

  • All students from other Year groups onsite will be supervised for their online learning sessions in allocated rooms

  • All students in Years 2-11 learning at home will continue with their online learning as directed by their teacher.



  • All VET courses will resume face to face lessons with their teacher at their normal venue with normal travel arrangements.



  • From Wednesday, 13 May, Kindergarten classes will be held in their new rooms in the new Junior School building.

  • Please note that entry is still via the main School Reception though.



  • Mr Brian Cavanagh has left PCS to return to the USA.

  • Mr Ben Allen will finish up in the PDHPE faculty next week but will be staying on in the Learning Support Department.

  • Mrs Rebekah Smith will be returning to PCS after her Maternity Leave from Week 4

  • Mrs Jade Ford will be starting her Maternity Leave in Week 4.


       We wish all these staff the best in their new and resuming roles.


YEAR 12:

  • Welcome back assembly will be in the Auditorium at 8.30 am on Monday morning

  • Reports will be sent home on Monday, 11 May

  • Parent Teacher ‘Zoom’ Interview Bookings have opened, and details were emailed to Year 12 families today. Instructions for booking are included in the email. Booking a time with the teacher will generate a link for a Zoom session with the Teacher.


We are aiming to keep you updated with any changes and news as much as we can. Thank you for your prayers,  patience and support as we strive to continue providing quality Christ centred education for your children.


Yours in Christ


Tracey Deal


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