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Online Learning Readiness - Parent Survey Request

We are anticipating going to fully online/remote learning from next Monday, 30 March. As per the NSW Government’s advice to keep students at home unless they are at risk, or a child of an essential worker, online/remote learning will mean that the lessons will be consistent for everyone and that even though students are not at school physically, their learning will not be impacted.


To this end, we would like you to complete a survey via the link below, and submit it so we can see that you are ready at home to facilitate the learning that we are providing.




Going online means that all lesson delivery would be rolled out for every lesson via the electronic platforms we use. As mentioned in my email yesterday, there may be some variations where Senior students are required onsite in small groups to continue the practical aspects of the HSC courses.


To accommodate online learning, the staff have been working very hard to get things set up to be able to use online platforms that we have been familiar with such as Class Dojo and Google Classroom.


Information is coming out daily about the advice from the Government and Health organisations, and we appreciate your patience and support as we continue to provide optimum learning for all our students.


Please continue to pray for our School community and for the nation in this unprecedented health crisis.


Yours in Christ


Tracey Deal


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