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Fully online from Monday 30 March

Dear Parents and Caregivers


As you are aware, our online/remote teaching and learning will be fully engaged from tomorrow, Monday 30 March. We have spent time setting up remote digital classrooms and trialling the delivery; however, we know there still may be some challenges with technology and timely feedback. We will endeavour to be available to assist all parents and caregivers in this new space as we understand this will be an added pressure at home.  


There will not be a disadvantage for students who remain at home as all lessons will be conducted online via the digital platforms indicated by the teachers previously.  Please also keep your eyes out for emails from the relevant Heads of School for updates and communication.


Please understand that our position to only have students onsite where there is no other option for supervising them at home needs to be supported by our families. We also understand that there are families where both parents may be an essential service worker and have no other options; and if you are in this position, please contact the relevant Head of School via email to let us know which children we will be expecting to be onsite:


The message from the government is that people should be staying at home as a family unit to avert the spread of the virus.


We are grateful for your assistance as we rally together to follow the advice from the Health Professionals and Government, while at the same time providing all our wonderful students with valuable and optimum learning experiences. We pray this extra time together as a family will bring amazing opportunities to grow and develop in many unexpected ways.


Please be assured we will be supporting you on this journey.


In Christ


Tracey Deal


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