What Happens in Middle School

What happens in Middle School?

A typical day in Middle School:


8:30 - Assembly (Mondays), Pastoral Care Groups (Tues-Thurs), Chapel (Fridays)

8:45 - Period 1

9:30 - Period 2

10:15 - Period 3

11:00 - Recess

11:20 - Period 4

12:05 - Period 5

12:50 - Lunch

1:30 - Period 6

2:15 - Period 7


Assembly begins the week to communicate any announcements, special events or changes to the week’s timetable. Chapel completes the week on Friday mornings with praise and worship and a message from a teacher, special guest or the school chaplain.


Pastoral Care Group (PCG):

  • Is a time for devotions, prayer, daily information rolls and relationship-building events.

  • Students in Years 7 and 8 meet are assigned a PCG Teacher for the year.

  • Students in Years 5 and 6 meet with their class teacher.


Year 5 mainly stay with their pastoral care teacher or grade teacher according to their level, with specialised teachers for music and language and PE.


Students in Years 5-8 work from individual timetables.


In Year 6, transition to high school is supported and increased by the further addition of specialised teachers and rooms for art and design and technology.


In Year 7, the number of teachers are less than conventional high schools, so students they have the nurturing of a core teacher across several subjects, such as English, HSIE, Biblical Studies, Learning about Learning and Science. This provides them with a caring teacher who knows them well and provides a more structured bridge between primary and high school. They also have a home room and integrated learning practices that provide a stable link between subjects.


In Year 8, students are ready for more change between teachers and subjects. Teachers in Middle School teach through Years 6 - 8 to help provide continuity for students.


At lunch and recess, students can play ball games in their own quad or on the expansive area of the yard and oval area.


Student groups and ‘Puppy Pal’ often happen at lunch times - this year there is dance, mission, cinema club, passion for life (singing and drama)


At the end of the day at 2.55, students can go to the buses at top of school or wait in the express area for their parents to collect them.